The Company

Z Motorsport has 20 years of experience across all forms of Motorsport especially in data-logging equipment. We have designed, supplied, built, maintained, installed and/ or supported kit for:

  • Formula 1
  • Rally
  • Historic
  • Touring Car
  • GT Racing
  • Group C
  • Porsche Carrera Cup
  • Formula Ford

Maintaining Pi & Pectel for example for 15 years, we are comfortable from at least the 1990’s to today.

Our Mission

We have a ‘Back to Track’ mantra and call us sentimental, but our greatest joy is bringing cars back from the abyss to their original winning ways. You can’t do that authentically without replacing and restoring kit that sometimes relies on hard to manage legacy software and compatibility issues. We know how to solve even the most challenging dilemmas and get the car on the track where it belongs.

What We Do

Our business spans three main areas of operation. Products supplied on our Zeus Products online store, Services under our Z Motorsport Consulting division and for special projects we have a dedicated Solutions partnership approach. (Designing and budgeting for a fleet dash cam solution for a public service utility for example.)


We are your go to source for all data logging equipment, sensors, transmitters etc. for motorsport.


With decades of experience in motorsport driver data, we offer a range of consulting services.


Sometimes our consulting goes beyond the norm and we become partners in something bigger.

Contact Us


+44 (0) 1327 828050


Office 5, Gothic Building,
Chauntry Mills,
United Kingdom